Зарежда се... First and Absolute award of the XIV international competition “Internazionale di Muzica Euterpe”, chairman of the jury was Marcello Abbado, Italy, 2012;
Зарежда се... Second award and silver medal from the XII international competition „Euterpe“, Corato, Italy, 2010;
Зарежда се... Second award and silver medal in the category „A Piano Duo“ from the Third National Competition „Classic and Modern times”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2002;
Зарежда се... Third award from the second national competition „Vienna Classic“, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2000;
Зарежда се... Encouragement of the XVII National Competition for Young Instrumentalists and singers "Svetoslav Obretenov" Provadia, Bulgaria, 2000;
Зарежда се... Youth International Festival „Muses“ in Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2013;
Зарежда се...
Зарежда се...
A special award Young Talents from the 4th international competition „The Music And The Earth“, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996;
Зарежда се... A diploma for significant art achievements by the mayor of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2001.